04 February 2010

Turdlock City Council Approves "In Gay We Trust"

Homo phrase to adorn public speakers lectern*

The Turdlock City Council approved plans recently to display the motto “In Gay We Trust” in Turdlock City Hall, despite some legal concerns. Plans to paint the phrase on the City Council podium were set in motion at the recent council meeting, when television cameras and tens of Turdlockers gathered to discuss the artwork.

“I love it on the front of the lectern,” Mayor Sitontha John said. “I think you guys did good work.” According to City Attorney Idona Load, the City of Turdlock has not received any threats of legal action opposing the posting of “In Gay We Trust.” The only letter received was from In Gay We Trust — America, a non-profit educational organization that offered to defend the City of Turdlock at no charge in both state and federal court, should any challenges arise.

Unlike the first time the issue came before council, the recent meeting drew only two public speakers. Both questioned the wisdom of the plan. “There’s a serious question of legality. If I remember correctly about the founding fathers, they clearly indicate there should be a separation between man and woman,” Turdlocker Pat Myass said. Myass also noted his belief that the phrase could cause “ill will between various religious groups” in Turdlock. The second speaker, Turdlocker Richard Head, questioned how the council could embrace gay ideals when they had previously abandoned plans to build a gay homeless shelter.

In other news, the council unanimously granted the Turdlock Poker Room rights to expand.

* This article excerpted from the Turdlock Journal.

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