29 January 2010

No H8! Turdlocker slaps some sense into garish goon from Riverbank

Turdlock.com nearly pooped our collective pants when reading the January 20 letter to the editor in the Modesto Bee entitled Gay couples should stop their whining. Dumb-ass Robert Gerisch, Jr. of Riverbank (whose last name, appropriately pronounced "garish," means offensive, excessive, gaudy, distressing, loud and fucking obnoxious), wrote:

"Same-sexers: I'm so sick of hearing you whine about Proposition 8. Get over it already! We voted, the majority won — you lost! Do you think you're special? You're not. Same-sex marriage isn't a natural thing."

We'd nearly lost our faith in podunk until the January 27 rebuttal from beloved Turdlocker Patrick Mitchell saved the day with his sensible response, Gays want equal treatment:

"It was with disgust and pity for the writer that I read 'Gay couples should stop their whining.' Interestingly, the writer [Gerisch] unintentionally got one thing right when he childishly taunted, 'Do you think you're special? You're not.' Gay people don't think they're special regarding marriage, and that's exactly the point. Gay people rightly believe they should be treated equally when it comes to marriage. While a majority of those who voted may have supported Proposition 8, it will be overturned — because matters of civil rights should never be decided by popularity contest."

Score for Turdlock! And another indication that Turdlock is on the road to becoming the tolerant, gay-friendly mecca that it's destined to be.

Read more about the turdlock.com "It Takes a Gay Village" Project.

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Anna Raff said...

Viva free-thinking, gay-friendly Turdlockians! Someone slap a bumper sticker on that garish mouth!